Learn Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) Key Phrases
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Terima kasih - Thank you
Kembali - You're welcome

Sama sama - Same to you

Ma'af - Pardon me

Apa ini? - What's this?

Saya tidak mengerti - I don't understand
Tolong, berbicara lebih pelan - Please speak slowly

Saya tidak bisa bicara Bahasa Indonesia - I can't speak Indonesian

Siapa namanya? - What is your name? ("Who is your name", literally speaking)

Apa kabar? - How are you?
Kabar baik - I am fine

Jam berapa? - What time is it?
Jam setengah sembilan - It is eight thirty ("half nine", literally speaking)

Dan mana? - Where are you from?
Saya dari Amerika - I'm from America

Mau ke mana? - Where are you going?
Jalan-jalan saja - I'm just taking a walk

Umurnya berapa? - How old are you?
Umur saya tiga pulu satu tahun - I am 31 years old

Sudah kawin belum? - Are you married?
Yah, sudah - Yes, I am
Belum - Not yet

Siapa itu? - Who's that?

Siapa - Who
Apa - What
Kapan - When
Oi mana - Where
Kenapa - Why
Mengapa - Why
Bagaimana - How
Berapa? - How much/many?
Yang mana - Which

Terima kasih - Thank you

Boleh tahu a/s/l? - May I know your a/s/l?

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