Learn Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) Random Words & Phrases
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Ada - To be
Ada kamar kosong? - Are there any empty rooms?
Agama apa? - What is your religion?
Air panas - Hot water
Bagus - Good
Baik - Fine
Barat - West
Baru - New
Beli - To buy
Berapa harga ini? - How much does this cost?
Berapa untuk satu malam? - How much for one night?
Berapajam? - How many hours?

Berhenti - Stop
Besar - Big
Betul - Correct

Bisa - To be able/Can
Bosen banget - Very bored
Cantik - Pretty
Cepat - Fast
Dan - And
Dapat - To get
Dari - From
Dekat - Near
Dengan - With
Di - at
Di dalam - Inside
Di luar - Outside
Di sana - There
Di sini - Here
Empat hari yang lalu - Four days ago
Hanya - Only

Hotel cukup baik - Very good hotel
Ingin - To want
Ini - This/These
Ini kunci kamar - Here's the key to your room
Itu - That/Those
Jam - Hour
Jauh - Far
Kalau - If
Kanan - Right (direction)
Kapan berangkat? - When are you leaving?
Kapan datang? - When did you arrive?
Ke - To
Keci - Small
Kemudian - Only
Kiri - Left (direction)
Kosong - Empty
Kurang baik - Worse
Lain - Different
Lalu - Then
Lama - Old
Lebih baik - Better
Losmen biasa - Average losmen
Losmen yang murah - Cheap losmen
Ma'af, tidak ada - Sorry, there aren't any
Masa! - That cannot be true!
Masih agak mahal - That's still a bit expensive
Menit - Minute
Oi mana ada losmen? - Where's a losmen?
Oi mana kamar keci? - Where is the toilet?
Oi mana saya bisa beli... - Where can I buy...
Oua orang, satu kamar - One room for two people
Pelan - Slow
Pergi - To go
Perlu - To need
Ramai - Noisy
Saja - Crowded
Salah - Wrong
Sama - Same
Saya mau beli... - I want to buy...
Saya mau cuci tangan - I want to wash my hands
Saya mau tinggal tiga hari - I'd like to stay for 3 days
Sebentar lagi - In a short while
Selatan - South
Sudah punya anak? - Do you have children?
Tahu - To know
Timur - East
Tolong antar saya ke... - Please take me to...
Tolong cucikan pakaian ini - Please wash these clothes
Tolong panggi/taksi - Please call a taxi
Tua - Old
Tunggu - To wait
Untuk - For
Utara - North

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