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Random Dutch Words and Phrases

You can learn a lot by reading random translations, because many times, they aren't the type of words or phrases that you'd find in a textbook.

Look below to see what random translations have been added to the page. Sometimes words are removed from this page if there's enough words from a certain category to make for it's own page, so if you can't find a word you've seen before on this page, then check the other categories.

Note: Words in bold added during the last update. You can also view this list of random words and phrases from English to Dutch.

Random Dutch Words:

Bediende ➔ Servant

Boek ➔ Book

Geluk ➔ Lucky

Goed ➔ Good

Hypnotiseren ➔ Hypnotize

Kerstmis ➔ Christmas

Kinderen ➔ Children

Koe ➔ Cow

Leerboek ➔ Textbook

Lekker ➔ Sweet

Lekker ding! ➔ (Means if someone is hot / sexy or the like)

Lief ➔ Sweet

Luchter ➔ Candelabra

Ober ➔ Waiter

Politie ➔ Cops

Rood ➔ Red

Sleutel ➔ Key

Sma (straattaal) ➔ Pretty woman (slang)

Theorie ➔ Theory

Tof ➔ Cool

Tovenaar ➔ Wizard

Weg ➔ Road / Away

Zoet ➔ Sweet

Random Dutch Phrases:

Gratis Webruimte ➔ Free Webspace

Ik ben moe ➔ I'm tired

Ik spreek Nederlands ➔ I'm speaking Dutch

Je bent een... ➔ You are a...

*This list of random Dutch words last updated: March 19, 2018.


Can you answer these questions about random words and phrases in Dutch?

1. What is the English translation of lekker ding?


As many of the translations in the list above are user submitted, it's quite possible for there to be mistakes on the page. If you speak Dutch and have a correction you'd like to share, feel free to leave a message below. Thanks again for any help you can provide.

The Fine Print

I don't speak Dutch myself, so there could be mistakes in the translations. Most of what is here is user-submitted, but I do try to check for accuracy and make corrections as I can. Thanks for your understanding.

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