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Learn Random German Words and Phrases

If you are looking for a place to build on your basic German vocabulary - especially when it comes to learning random German words and phrases, this is a great place to start. Trust me, some of the things sent in are very random - but that's what makes them so much fun! So, learn the meaning to random German words and phrases now with our random German to English dictionary!

Below the list of the oh so very random words and phrases, there is an area where you can leave a comment and connect with other visitors. There is also some articles about Germany that you can read if they interest you, plus a current German Web Poll you can vote in.

At the bottom of the page is where you can share what you know. Know German? Submit a new translation and help our future visitors in their language learning journey. Don't know German yet, but know another language? No problem, because you can submit new translations in any language that you wish. All submitted translations will be added to the site during a future update.

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German to English Random Words and Phrases:

Whether you are taking online German classes, doing distance learning German, or studying German abroad in Europe, our German to English dictionary is always being updated with new random German translations which makes it an excellent supplement for those trying to learn how to speak German.

View this list of random German words with translations from: German to English or English to German

(Words in bold added during the last update.)

Du bist das schönste Mädchen von allen - You are the most beautiful girl of all
Du bist mir so wichtig wie mein eigenes Blut - I hold you like my own blood
Du bist tot - You are dead

Frohe Weihnachten - Merry Christmas

Ich bin ein hungrig hungrig Nilpferd - I am a hungry hungry hippo
Ich bin kein Flughafen - I am not an airport
Ich brauche mehr Bier! Jetzt! - I need more beer! Now!
Ich habe eine Nase! - I have a nose!
Ich habe zehn Kartoffeln in meiner Hose - I have ten potatoes in my pants
Ich liebe dich - I love you

Mein Löffel ist zu groß - My spoon is too big
Meine Mutter ist nett - My mom is nice
Mutter - Mother

Vater - Father

Warum frisst du den Tisch? - Why are you eating the table?
Was brauchen wir? - What do we need?
Wie ist das Wetter? - What is the weather?
Wohin wird das noch führen? - What is this world coming to?

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The Fine Print

I don't speak German myself, so there could be mistakes in the translations. Most of what is here is user-submitted, but I do try to check for accuracy and make corrections as I can. Thanks for your understanding.

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