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Whether you are learning the language through Afrikaans books, looking to translate Afrikaans online, or are attending an Afrikaans university course, our English to Afrikaans dictionary is always being updated with new Afrikaans words which makes an excellent supplement for those learning to speak Afrikaans.

English to Afrikaans: Learn Common Afrikaans Words and Phrases
This is a great place to start if you are looking for a place to build on your basic Afrikaans vocabulary - especially when it comes to learning common Afrikaans phrases and key words.

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Now everyone can learn Afrikaans key words and phrases and start speaking and reading Afrikaans with our English to Afrikaans key words dictionary! Scroll down to see our full list of Afrikaans key word translations.

View this list of common Afrikaans phrases with translations from: Afrikaans to English or English to Afrikaans

Thank you - Dankie

How are you? - Hoe gaan dit?

What is your name? - Wat is jou naam?
My name is (name) - My naam is (name)

I don't understand you - Ek verstaan jou nie
Can you speak Afrikaans? - Kan jy afrikaans praat?

Where is the bathroom? - Waar is die badkamer?

What is the time? - Hoe laat is dit?

How old are you? - Hoe oud is jy?

I come from... - Ek kom uit...

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