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English to Spanish: Learn Food Vocabulary and Drink Words in Spanish

Everyone needs to eat, but ordering food in another language can be difficult. If you find yourself in need of some food or drinks or plan to do so the next time you're on vacation, hopefully the contents of this page will help you in ordering them. By reading through this page, you'll have a much better idea of how to order food in Spanish.

Several food and drink translations are included on this page, including the English to Spanish translations for food words like bread, eggs, and candy and drink words like water, coffee, and beer. Some spices have also been listed on this page, as well the translations for several food and drink-related phrases.

Just below the list of translations are some helpful resources from Amazon that can help you further your studies relating to Spanish food and drink words, plus some links to interesting Spanish-related articles.

If you feel like it, leave a comment using our Facebook app or vote in our Spanish-themed poll. You can also submit any translations that you'd like to see added to the site (in any language you happen to know) or make a request for new content you'd like to see added. You can find the content submit and request forms at the bottom of the page.

English to Spanish Food and Drink Words:

Whether you take Spanish classes online or simply study Spanish language books offline, our list of food and drink related English to Spanish translations are here to teach you food and drink words in Spanish, so you can understand the Spanish dinner menu when eating at a Spanish food restaurant!

View this list of Spanish food and drink phrases with translations from: Spanish to English or English to Spanish

(Words in bold added during the last update. Latest additions can also been seen on our Twitter page: LearnSpanishCLT.)

Food Words from English to Spanish:

Food - El alimento
To eat - Comer

Bread - Pan
Candy - Dulce
Carrot - Zanahoria
Egg(s) - Huevo(s)
Fruit - Fruta
Garlic - Ajo
Gherkins - Pepinillos
Ham - Jamón
Jam - Jalea
Jelly - Gelatina
Mushroom - Hongo
Onion - Cebolla

Names of the Spices from English to Spanish:

Sugar - Azúcar
Salt - La sal
Pepper - La pimienta

Drink Words from English to Spanish:

Beverage - El refresco
To drink - Beber

Beer - Cerveza
Coffee - Café
Milk - Leche
Soda pop - Gaseosa
Water - Agua
Wine - Vino

Phrases Containing Food and Drink Words from English to Spanish:

For dessert, I'll have apple tart - De postre quiero flan
I eat cereal for breakfast - Como cereal para el desayuno
I want Taco Bell - Quiero Taco Bell
I would like some ice cream - Quiero un poco de helado
Life is like a box of chocolates - La vida es como una caja de chocolate
The cheese - El queso
You are a pineapple - Tu eres un pina

General Food and Drink Related Words from English to Spanish:

Breakfast - Desayuno
Lunch - Almuerzo
Dinner - Cena
Dessert - Postre
Snack - Merienda
Coffee shop - Cafeteria

General Food and Drink Related Phrases from English to Spanish:

Do you have a table for six? - ¿Tienes una mesa para seis personas?
I would like to see the menu, please - Quiero ver el menú, por favor
I'm hungry - Tengo Hambre
May I have a menu? - El menu por favor?
What flavors do you have? - ¿Que sabores de helados tienes?
What would you like to drink? - ¿Que quieres beber?

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The Fine Print

I don't speak Spanish myself, so there could be mistakes in the translations. Most of what is here is user-submitted, but I do try to check for accuracy and make corrections as I can. Thanks for your understanding.

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