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English to Spanish Animals

This page is perfect for English speakers looking to learn some new Spanish animal words. Each section of the page has translations listed from English to Spanish, so you can easily look up the animal you wish to say.

First in line you'll find the list of 122 English to Spanish animal words, followed by the same words organized into three groups - land, sea, and air. Below this, you'll find several sentences that can help teach you how to use the animal words in normal conversation. Last, there's a video you can watch which reads aloud many of the animal words, that should help you with your pronunciation. (Because it can be hard to know how things are spoken, just from reading a webpage).

Animal Words List from English to Spanish

You can also view these words with translations from Spanish to English.

(Words in bold added during the last update.)

Animals ➔ The plural of animal in Spanish is Animales.

Albatross ➔ Albatros

Alligator ➔ Caimán

Ant ➔ Hormiga

Anteater ➔ Oso hormiguero

Antelope ➔ Antílope

Armadillo ➔ Armadillo

Baboon ➔ Babuino

Bat ➔ Murciélago

Bear ➔ Oso

Beaver ➔ Castor

Bird ➔ Pajaro

Bison ➔ Bisonte

Bobcat ➔ Gato montés

Buffalo ➔ Búfalo

Butterfly ➔ Mariposa

Camel ➔ Camello

Cat ➔ Gato

Caterpillar ➔ Oruga

Catfish ➔ Bagre

Centipede ➔ Ciempiés

Chameleon ➔ Camaleón

Cheetah ➔ Leopardo cazador

Chicken ➔ Gallina

Chimpanzee ➔ Chimpancé

Chipmunk ➔ Ardilla listada

Cockroach ➔ Cucaracha

Cougar ➔ Puma

Cow ➔ Vaca

Crocodile ➔ Cocodrilo

Deer ➔ Ciervo

Dog ➔ Perro

Dolphin ➔ Delfín

Donkey ➔ Burro

Dragon ➔ Dragon

Dragonfly ➔ Libélula

Eagle ➔ Águila

Earwig ➔ Tijereta

Elephant ➔ Elefante

Falcon ➔ Halcón

Ferret ➔ Hurón

Fish ➔ Pez

Fish (plural) ➔ Peces

Fly ➔ Mosca

Flying squirrel ➔ Ardilla voladora

Fox ➔ Zorro

Frog ➔ Rana

Gecko ➔ Geco

German Shepherd ➔ Pastor alemán

Giraffe ➔ Jirafa

Goat ➔ Cabra

Goose ➔ Ganso

Gorilla ➔ Gorila

Grasshopper ➔ Saltamontes

Guinea pig ➔ Conejillo de indias

Hamster ➔ Hámster

Hedgehog ➔ Erizo

Hippopotamus ➔ Hipopotamo

Horse ➔ Caballo

Hummingbird ➔ Colibrí

Hyena ➔ Hiena

Kangaroo ➔ Canguro

Koala ➔ Coala

Leopard ➔ Leopardo

Lion ➔ León

Lionfish ➔ Pez león

Lizard ➔ Lagartija

Lobster ➔ Langosta

Lynx ➔ Lince

Manatee ➔ Manatí

Millipede ➔ Milpiés

Monkey ➔ Mono

Moose ➔ Alce

Moth ➔ Polilla

Mouse ➔ Ratón

Mule ➔ Mula

Ocelot ➔ Ocelote

Octopus ➔ Pulpo

Opossum ➔ Zarigüeya

Orangutan ➔ Orangután

Ostrich ➔ Avestruz

Otter ➔ Nutria

Parrot ➔ Loro

Peacock ➔ Pavo real

Pelican ➔ Pelícano

Penguin ➔ Pingüino

Pheasant ➔ Faisán

Pig ➔ Cerdo

Piranha ➔ Piraña

Platypus ➔ Ornitorrinco

Polar bear ➔ Oso polar

Porcupine ➔ Puerco espín

Possum ➔ Zarigüeya

Puppy ➔ Cachorro

Rabbit ➔ Conejo

Raccoon ➔ Mapache

Rat ➔ Rata

Rattlesnake ➔ Serpiente de cascabel

Rhinoceros ➔ Rinoceronte

Salamander ➔ Salamandra

Scorpion ➔ Escorpión

Seahorse ➔ Caballo de mar

Seal ➔ Foca

Shark ➔ Tiburon

Sheep ➔ Oveja

Skunk ➔ Zorrillo

Sloth ➔ Perezoso

Snail ➔ Caracol

Snake ➔ Serpiente

Sparrow ➔ Gorrión

Squirrel ➔ Ardilla

Starfish ➔ Estrella de mar

Stingray ➔ Mantarraya

Swan ➔ Cisne

Tiger ➔ Tigre

Vulture ➔ Buitre

Walrus ➔ Morsa

Wasp ➔ Avispa

Weasel ➔ Comadreja

Whale ➔ Ballena

Wolf ➔ Lobo

Wolverine ➔ Glotón

Woodpecker ➔ Pájaro carpintero

Zebra ➔ Cebra

Spanish Animals Sorted by Category (Land, Sea, and Sky)

You can also view these categories with translations from English to Spanish.

This section contains all of the same words as seen in previously shown list of animal words. Sometimes it can be easier to commit things to memory if you've seen the same information in different formats. Perhaps the same will be true here. If you just want the raw data, however, you can easily skip this section and go straight to the sentences for new translations.

Land Animals
Many of the animals in our list are land-dwelling animals. How many can you remember? Here they are: Alligator (Caimán), Anteater (Oso hormiguero), Antelope (Antílope), Armadillo (Armadillo), Baboon (Babuino), Bear (Oso), Bison (Bisonte), Bobcat (Gato montés), Buffalo (Búfalo), Camel (Camello), Cat (Gato), Caterpillar (Oruga), Centipede (Ciempiés), Chameleon (Camaleón), Cheetah (Leopardo cazador), Chicken (Gallina), Chimpanzee (Chimpancé), Chipmunk (Ardilla listada), Cockroach (Cucaracha), Cougar (Puma), Cow (Vaca), Crocodile (Cocodrilo), Deer (Ciervo), Dog (Perro), Donkey (Burro), Earwig (Tijereta), Elephant (Elefante), Ferret (Hurón), Fox (Zorro), Frog (Rana), Gecko (Geco), German Shepherd (Pastor alemán), Giraffe (Jirafa), Goat (Cabra), Gorilla (Gorila), Grasshopper (Saltamontes), Guinea pig (Conejillo de indias), Hamster (Hámster), Hedgehog (Erizo), Hippopotamus (Hipopotamo), Horse (Caballo), Hyena (Hiena), Kangaroo (Canguro), Koala (Coala), Leopard (Leopardo), Lion (León), Lizard (Lagartija), Lynx (Lince), Millipede (Milpiés), Monkey (Mono), Moose (Alce), Mouse (Ratón), Mule (Mula), Ocelot (Ocelote), Opossum/Possum (Zarigüeya), Orangutan (Orangután), Ostrich (Avestruz), Peacock (Pavo real), Penguin (Pingüino), Pig (Cerdo), Puppy (Cachorro), Polar bear (Oso polar), Porcupine (Puerco espín), Rabbit (Conejo), Raccoon (Mapache), Rat (Rata), Rattlesnake (Serpiente de cascabel), Rhinoceros (Rinoceronte), Salamander (Salamandra), Scorpion (Escorpión), Sheep (Oveja), Skunk (Zorrillo), Sloth (Perezoso), Snail (Caracol), Snake (Serpiente), Squirrel (Ardilla), Tiger (Tigre), and Weasel (Comadreja), Wolf (Lobo), Wolverine (Glotón), and Zebra (Cebra).

Sea Animals
Some other animals fall into the sea category. I've included all water animals here, whether they live in the sea, ocean, lakes, rivers, etc. Here are the 'sea' animals: Beaver (Castor), Catfish (Bagre), Dolphin (Delfín), Fish (Pez), Fish (Peces, plural), Lionfish (Pez león), Lobster (Langosta), Manatee (Manatí), Octopus (Pulpo), Otter (Nutria), Piranha (Piraña), Platypus (Ornitorrinco), Seahorse (Caballo de mar), Seal (Foca), Shark (Tiburon), Starfish (Estrella de mar), Stingray (Mantarraya), Swan (Cisne), Walrus (Morsa), and Whale (Ballena).

Sky Animals
The final list is of the animals of flight. This also includes mythical flying animals, because, why not? Here's some flying animals: Albatross (Albatros), Bat (Murciélago), Bird (Pajaro), Butterfly (Mariposa), Dragon (Dragon), Dragonfly (Libélula), Eagle (Águila), Falcon (Halcón), Fly (Mosca), Flying squirrel (Ardilla voladora), Goose (Ganso), Hummingbird (Colibrí), Moth (Polilla), Parrot (Loro), Pelican (Pelícano), Pheasant (Faisán), Sparrow (Gorrión), Vulture (Buitre), Wasp (Avispa), and Woodpecker (Pájaro carpintero).

Sentences with Animal Names (English to Spanish Translations)

You can also view these sentences with translations from Spanish to English.

(Words in bold added during the last update.)

A dog is man's best friend. ➔ El perro es el mejor amigo del hombre.

Are you a cow? ➔ Es tu la vaca?

I have a cat. ➔ Tengo un gato.

I have a cat in my pants. ➔ Tengo un gato en mis pantalones.

I have a monkey. ➔ Yo tengo un mono.

I like animals. ➔ Me gustan los animales.

I like to sleep with the cows. ➔ Me gusta dormir con las vacas.

Me encantan los pingüinos. ➔ I love penguins.

I want to rent an ostrich. ➔ Quiero alquilar un avestruz.

My cat is big. ➔ Mi gato es grande.

My dog ate my homework. ➔ Mi perro se comió mi tarea.

My dog is very cute. ➔ Mi perro es muy lindo.

The chameleon changed its color. ➔ El camaleón cambió su color.

The elephant is big. ➔ El elefante es grande.

The fish is red. ➔ El pez es rojo.

The woodpecker is wonderful. ➔ El pájaro carpintero esta maravilloso.

This stuffed chipmunk is so realistic! ➔ Esta ardilla listada de peluche es tan realista!

This is a lion. ➔ Esto es un león.

You are a monkey. ➔ Eres un mono.

*List of Spanish animals last updated: March 9, 2018.


Can you answer these questions about Spanish animals? Give it a try and then scroll back up to see how you did! Ctrl+F can help you find the answers even faster if you prefer.

1. How do you say ostrich in Spanish?
2. How do you say fish (plural) in Spanish?
3. What is el pez in English?

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