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English to Spanish: Family and People Words

Family (and people in general for that matter) are a very important part of life and as such, knowing the translations for such family and people words can be quite useful to those learning Spanish. This page can help your studies by providing you with the various English to Spanish translations for many such words and phrases.

First up you'll find a large selection of family words - ranging from immediate family members to more distant ones. Then there are a series of general people words, followed by translated sentences and phrases that use family and people words.

Note: You can also view these words with translations from Spanish to English. Words in bold added during the last update.)

Spanish Family Words:


Family ➔ La familia

My family ➔ Mi familia

Your family ➔ Tu familia


Parents ➔ Los padres

My parents ➔ Mis padres

Your parents ➔ Tus padres


Mother ➔ La madre

Mom ➔ La mamá

Step mom ➔ La madrastra

Her mother ➔ Su madre


Father - El padre

Dad - El papá

Step dad - El padrastro

His father - Su padre


Grandparents ➔ Abuelos

Grandmother ➔ La abuela

Grandfather ➔ El abuelo


Siblings ➔ Hermanos

Sister ➔ La hermana

Older sister ➔ Hermana mayor

Younger sister ➔ Hermana menor

Brother ➔ El hermano

Older brother ➔ Hermano mayor

Younger brother ➔ Hermano menor

Additional Family Words

Aunt ➔ La tía

Uncle ➔ El tío

Cousin ➔ Primo/Prima

Nephew ➔ Sobrino

Niece ➔ Sobrina

General People Words in Spanish:

Baby ➔ Bebé

Boy ➔ Chico

Children ➔ Niños

Friend ➔ Amigo

Girl ➔ Chica

I ➔ Yo

Man ➔ Hombre

Small child ➔ Niño pequeño

Twins ➔ Gemelos

Woman ➔ Mujer

Spanish Phrases Using Family and People Words:

Aunts and uncles ➔ Tías y tíos

Can we be friends? ➔ ¿Podemos ser amigos?

How are you feeling, brother? ➔ ¿Como te sientes, hermano?

How are you, brother? ➔ ¿Cómo estas hermano?

My father is handsome. ➔ Mi padre es guapo.

My mom is pretty. ➔ Mi mama es linda.

This is my sister. ➔ Ella es mi hermana.

This is my mother. ➔ Esta es mi madre.

Where is the mom? ➔ ¿Donde esta la mama?

Where is your father? ➔ ¿Dónde está tu padre?

Where is your mother? ➔ ¿Dónde está tu madre?

Who is your brother? ➔ ¿Quien es tu hermano?

Your family is my family now. ➔ Tu familia es mi familia ahora.

*List of Spanish family words last updated: March 15, 2018.


Can you answer these questions about Spanish family words and people phrases? Give it a try, then scroll back up to check your answers.

1. What is the meaning of el padrastro in English?
2. How do you say how are you brother in Spanish?
3. What is the meaning of la hermana in English?
4. How do you say step mom in Spanish?
5. How do you say my family in Spanish?
6. How do you say your family is my family now in Spanish?
7. What is the meaning of la madrastra in English?

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As many of the translations in the list above are user submitted, it's quite possible for there to be mistakes on the page. If you speak Spanish and have a correction you'd like to share, feel free to leave a message below. Thanks again for any help you can provide.

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The Fine Print

I don't speak Spanish myself, so there could be mistakes in the translations. Most of what is here is user-submitted, but I do try to check for accuracy and make corrections as I can. Thanks for your understanding.

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