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English to Somali: Learn Common Somali Words and Phrases

This page contains many common Somali words and phrases translated from English to Somali. These phrases will be very useful in everyday life and are an important part of Somali language education. Translations found on this page include the translations for words like No, Please, and Thank you, and other useful phrases like My name is..., I am sorry, and I don't understand.

Beyond the list of English to Somali translations, this page also features a comment section, a selection of learning resources, a web poll, and some Somali language trivia.

Do you know Somali? Great! You can help! Simply use the submit form located near the bottom of the page with any new translations you can think of and we'll be sure to add the new information to the site during a future update. Don't know Somali, but know another language instead? That's great too, because the submit form works for any language you might happen to know. Everything on this site was first submitted by a visitor like you. I've simply just collected all the translations and presented them in a logical format.

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English to Somali Key Words:

Whether you are learning about Somali key words and phrases in Somalia, taking an online Somali class, or plan to enrol yourself in a Somali language immersion school, our English to Somali dictionary is always being updated with new Somali key words which makes it an excellent supplement for those trying to learn how to speak Somali.

View this list of common Somali phrases with translations from: Somali to English or English to Somali

(Words in bold added during the last update.)

No - Maya

Please - Fadlan
Thank you - Mahadsanid

How are you? - Iska waran?
How are you? - Sidee ta'hay?
Good - Nabad
I am fine - Waan fiicanahay (fii'anahay)

Help - Caawi (aawi)
How old are you? - Immisa jir baad tahay?
I am sorry - Waan ku xumahay (humahay)
I don't understand - Maan fahmin
My name is… - Magacaygu (maga'aygu) waa…

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The Fine Print

I don't speak Somali myself, so there could be mistakes in the translations. Most of what is here is user-submitted, but I do try to check for accuracy and make corrections as I can. Thanks for your understanding.

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