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Random Spanish Words and Phrases

Here you'll find lots of random Spanish words and phrases not typically seen in formal language courses or textbooks. It's just random translations that visitors have submitted to help you learn. Words and phrases can be just about anything, but mostly it's words and phrases we don't yet have a formal category for. Things from this page occasionally get moved onto a separate themed page if there's enough content to warrent it.

Anyway, first up, you'll find a section with random Spanish words, translated from Spanish to English. Just after, are the random Spanish phrases, also translated from Spanish to English. The lists have been written in alphabetical order, in case you want to quickly look up a specific word or phrase.

Random Spanish Words:

You can also view these words with translations from English to Spanish.

(Words in bold added during the last update.)

Aburrido - Bored
Ala - Wing
Algodon - Cotton
Ah? - Huh?
Ángel - Angel
Aprender - Learn
Árbol - Tree

Bueno - Good

Caja - Box
Calabaza - Pumpkin
Camión - Truck
Camiseta - T-shirt
Cielo - Heaven, Sky
Computadora - Computer

Decapitar - To decapitate
Demonio - Demon

El mundo - The world
El sofa - Sofa
Escritorio - Desk
Escuche - Listen
Ese - Man
Espejo - Mirror
Estrellas - Stars
Estufa - Stove

Felicidades - Congratulations
Fuego - Fire

Impresora - Printer
Ingles - English

jajaja - lol / hahaha

La casa - House
La escopeta - Shotgun
La flatulencia - Flatulence
La sangre - Blood
Labio - Lips
Lapiz - Pencil
Lavadora - Washing machine
Libro - Book
Luna - Moon

Mago - Wizard
Malo - Bad
Maravilloso - Amazing
Matar - To kill
Mesa - Table
Microondas - Microwave
Mundo - World

Nuevo - New

Ojo - Eye
Oro - Gold

Pequeño - Little
Piedra - Stone
Puerta - Door

Que? - What?

Rayo - Lightning
Ruidoso - Noisy

Sala - Living room
Siempre - Always
Silla - Chair
Sol - Sun
Sombrilla - Umbrella
Suave - Soft
Suerte - Luck
Suertudo - Lucky

Taza - Cup
Telefono - Phone
Tierno - Cute
Tierra - Earth

Vaso - Glass
Ventana - Window
Viejo - Old
Viento - Wind

Random Spanish Phrases:

You can also view these phrases with translations from English to Spanish.

(Phrases in bold added during the last update.)

Ahora Dime - I have to let go

Donde es mi cabeza? - Where is my head?

El equipo de sonido - Sound equipment
El hombre tiene la flatulencia - The man had flatulence
En mi casa - In my house
Eres (nationality)? - Are you (nationality)?
Es cierto - It's true
Escuchaste? - Did you listen?
Escuché - I listened
Estas cansado? - Are you tired?
Estas muerto - You are dead
Estoy cansado - I'm tired

Feliz cumpleaños - Happy birthday

¿Hay vueltos a Nueva York esta tarde? - Is there a flight to New York this evening?
He perdido mi pasaporte - I've lost my passport
Hoy es un dia hermoso - It's a lovely day today
Hoy no tengo mi libro - I don't have my book today

Iré a (place) - I'm going to (place)

La caja es grande - The box is huge
La habitacion esta vacia - The room is empty
La única flor en el mundo - The only flower in the world
Larga vida - Long life

Me duele el estomago - I have a stomach ache
Mi vida es loca - My life is crazy
Mirame a los ojos - Look into my eyes

Numero uno - Number one

Odio las mañanas del lunes - I hate Monday mornings

Por amor de dios - For the love of god
Porque estoy poniendo esto? - Why am I putting this?
Primer lugar - First place

Que onda quey? - What's up dude?
Que tienes en mente? - What's always in your mind?
Quiero hablar contigo - I want to talk to you
Quiero ver una película ciencia ficción - I'd like to see a science-fiction movie

¿Se puede ir en autobús? - Can you get there by bus?
Son las seis y tres - It is 6:03

Te enviare al cielo - I'll send you to heaven
Te necesito - I need you
Tengo calor - I am hot
Tengo frio - I am cold
Tengo que irme - I have to go
Tengo sueño - I feel sleepy

Una abeja/una avispa me picó - I've been stung by a bee/wasp

Viste? - Did you look?
Voy a la tienda - I'm going to the shop

Yo tengo el mundo - I have the world
Yo ví - I looked
Yo vivo en (place) - I live in (place)

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The Fine Print

I don't speak Spanish myself, so there could be mistakes in the translations. Most of what is here is user-submitted, but I do try to check for accuracy and make corrections as I can. Thanks for your understanding.

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