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Whether you are enrolled in one of the many online Japanese classes, studying abroad in Japan, or just looking for Japanese translation services, our English to Japanese dictionary is always being updated with new Japanese words which makes an excellent supplement for those learning how to speak Japanese.

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- japanese words
- random japanese phrases
- anata wa itsumo nani wo sinpaishite iruno desu ka?
- i feel sleepy now in japanese
- english of itsumo ichiban
- what does anata wa itsumo nani wo sinpaishite iruno desu ka?
- tsukaremashita meaning
- japanese phrases
- boku wa tsukaremashita
- english to japanese i won't forgive you for this
- japanese nihongo for heaven
- anata wa itsumo nani wo sinpaishite iruno desu ka? translation
- sinpaishite iruno
- yǎ! nanka atta no ka? in english
- tsukaremashita meaning, take a rest
- japanese word of are you sleepy
- i feel sleepy japanese language
- sinpaishite in english
- tsukaremashita tired
- random japanese words with meanings
- shashin o totemo ii desu ka?

English to Japanese: Learn Random Words and Phrases in Japanese
If you are looking for a place to build on your basic Japanese vocabulary - especially when it comes to learning random Japanese words and phrases, this is a great place to start. Trust me, some of the things sent in are very random - but that's what makes them so much fun! So, learn the meaning to random Japanese words and phrases now!

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Japanese Translation Requests: Request English words and phrases to be translated into Japanese, or request for Japanese phrases to be translated into English.

View this list of random Japanese words with translations from: Japanese to English or English to Japanese

Words in bold added during the last update.
Latest additions can also been seen on our LearnJapaneseCL twitter page.
Clicking on a More Info will give you a more detailed definition, plus Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana, and related words.

All - Zenbu
Always - Itsumo Itsumo Meaning
Always number one - Itsumo ichiban
Amazing - Sugoi
Angel - Tenshi
Are you Japanese? - Nihon-no ka?

Be in the lead - Senta ni tatsu
Beautiful boy - Bishounen Bishounen Meaning
Beautiful girl - Bishoujo Bishoujo Meaning
Book - Hon
Boy - Shonen

Can I take a picture of you? - Anata no shashin o totemo ii desu ka?
Cherry / Cherry blossom - Sakura
Chinese bellflower - Kikyou
Clear / Bright - Akira
Cold (like the weather) - Samui
Cotton - Wata
Cup / Glass - Kappu
Cute - Kawaii

Dandelion - Tanpopo
Demon - Yasha
Did you listen - Kikimashita?
Did you look? - Mimashita?
Donald Trump - ドナルド・トランプ - Donarudo toranpu

Earth - Do
English - Eigo
Everyone - Minna

Fire - Hi / Ka
Friend - Tomodachi
Fun - Tanoshii

Gold - Kin

Heaven - Tengoku
Hmm... - Eto...
Hot - Atsui Atsui Meaning
Huh? - Na?

I am going to Japan - Nihon he ikimasu
I feel sleepy - Nemui desu
I listened - Kikimashita
I looked - Mimashita
I will never forgive you - Zettai yurusenai
I'm sorry for the short email - Mijikai e-mail de gomen nasai
I'm tired - Tsukaremashita

Lead / First place - Sento
Learn Japanese - Nihon-go wo benkyoushimasu
Lightning - Rai
Long life - Bansai
Look into my eyes - Boku no mewo mitte

Mirror - Kagome
Moon - Getsu

Never surrender - Kesshite akiramenai
New - Atarashii Atarashii Meaning
Noisy - Urusai
Number one - Ichiban

Ogre - Oni
Old - Furui

Pencil - Enpitsu
Phone - Denwa
Phone number - Denwa bango

Shadow - Kage
Sit - Osuwari
Sit down - Suwatte
Small - Chibi Chibi Meaning
Sun - Nichi
Sunny - Hare

The only flower in the world - Sekai ni hitotsu dake no hana
The room is empty - Heya wa kara desu
The world - Sekai
Tree - Ki / Moku
Toranpu - トランプ - Trump (As in Donald Trump)
Twins - Futago

Umbrella - Kasa

Warm - Atatakai Atatakai Meaning
Water - Sui / Mizu
Were you tired? - Tsukaremashita?
What - Nani?
What's always on your mind? - Anata wa itsumo nani wo sinpaishite iruno desu ka?
What's happening? - Nanka atta no?
Wind - Kaze
Wind scar - Kaze no kizu
Wing - Tsubasa
World - Sekai

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Requested Random Japanese Translations
Do you know how to speak Japanese? Perhaps you can send in some translations to help the visitors of this site. Below are a list of random words and phrases that people are looking to be translated from English to Japanese:

- Appliances
- Are you sure you know how to speak Bisaya
- Ate
- Bad
- Blood is on the ground
- Can you hear me now?
- Correct
- Crazy
- Crescent
- Crying
- Dark oath
- Death
- Dirty
- Dreaming
- Epic
- Forever
- General information
- Get better
- Give me a call
- Go to sleep
- Head
- Here I go
- Hoe (the garden tool)
- Hope you understand
- Hurt
- I agree
- I am a business woman
- I am justice
- I can't replace
- I can't replace your belongings
- I don't care
- I don't know how I will forget him
- I hate this
- I like
- I like them
- I saw you
- I surrender
     - I think so
- I understand
- Internet
- It was my pleasure
- Jealous
- Jogging
- Justice
- Key
- Library
- Love, peace, and unity unites a peaceful country
- My hobby is tennis
- Nothing
- Now’s our chance
- Of
- Okay
- One cannot live without hope
- Play
- Please send me money for my medicine
- Powerful
- Prescription
- Random
- Red moon love
- Replace
- Saw
- Simple
- So, count the number of your crimes
- Speed Racer
- Steel
- Stomach
- Strengthening health through sports
- Teach
- Temple
- This means
- Touch me
- Want to know Japanese
- What are you doing?
- You don't trust me?

If you have any Japanese translation requests, feel free to post them in the Japanese portion of our forum.
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