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Whether you are looking for Filipino language translation, are dating a Filipina, or just wish to learn the Philippines language, our English to Filipino dictionary is always being updated with new Filipino words which makes an excellent supplement for those trying to learn to speak Filipino.

English to Filipino: Learn Random Filipino Words and Phrases
If you are looking for a place to build on your basic Filipino vocabulary - especially when it comes to learning random Filipino words and phrases, this is a great place to start. Trust me, some of the things sent in are very random - but that's what makes them so much fun!

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Now go ahead, learn the meaning to random Filipino words and phrases now with our random English to Filipino dictionary! Scroll down for our full list of random Filipino translations.

View this list of random Filipino words with translations from: Filipino to English or English to Filipino
(Words in bold added during the last update. Latest additions can also been seen on our LearnFilipinoCL twitter page.)

Ang sakit ng ulo ko - I have a headache
Ano ang ginagawa mo? - What are you doing?

Kaluluwa - Espirit

Mabait kang tao - You are a good person
Malandi and kaibigan mo - You're friend is a flirt

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