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English to Finnish Greetings

If you're learning Finnish, you'll probably want to learn some Finnish greetings. Should that be the case, then you've come to the right place.

Below you'll find three types of Finnish greetings. First up is the hellos, next up are the timely greetings, and finally, you'll see the goodbyes.

Note: Words in bold added during the last update. You can also view this list of greetings from Finnish to English.

English to Finnish Hellos:

Hello ➔ Hei

Hello ➔ Terve

Hello? ➔ Haloo? (when answering the phone)

Hi ➔ Moi

Timely Greetings from English to Finnish:

Good morning ➔ Hyvää huomenta

Good afternoon ➔ Hyvää päivää

Good evening ➔ Hyvää iltaa

English to Finnish Goodbyes:

Bye! ➔ Hei, hei! (informal)

Goodbye ➔ Moikka

Goodbye ➔ Näkemiin (formal)

*Greetings last updated: March 29, 2018.


As many of the translations in the list above are user submitted, it's quite possible for there to be mistakes on the page. If you speak Finnish and have a correction you'd like to share, feel free to leave a message below. Thanks again for any help you can provide.

The Fine Print

I don't speak Finnish myself, so there could be mistakes in the translations. Most of what is here is user-submitted, but I do try to check for accuracy and make corrections as I can. Thanks for your understanding.

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