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Whether you are learning Spanish in South America, taking an online Spanish class, or plan to enrol yourself in one of the many Spanish language immersion schools, our Spanish to English dictionary is always being updated with new Spanish words which makes an excellent supplement for those trying to learn how to speak Spanish.

Learn Spanish Greetings & Saying Goodbye in Spanish
Some of the most important words to learn in any language are your basic greetings like hello and goodbye. This page not only provides a list for greeting words in Spanish, but also lists a number of ways to say goodbye in Spanish.

Whether you are just looking to give a general Hello or a more time sensitive Good morning, Good afternoon, or Good evening, this page can help. It can also help you to learn Spanish greeting phrases like What's up? and How's it going?

If you are in need of some more conversational Spanish greetings, we've also provided the translations for how to introduce yourself or a friend and many ways for replying It's nice to meet you.

When the conversation is over or it is time to leave, it will be important that you can say a proper goodbye in Spanish. Luckily, we've got several farewells for you to choose from including the standard Bye, plus See you later, See you tomorrow, Take care, and Have a nice day among others.

If for some reason you are unable to find quite the right greeting or goodbye in Spanish to suit your needs, then by all means post your Spanish translation request in our forum. We can't guarantee we'll find you an answer, but hopefully someone will be able to give you the correct translation to whatever word or phrase you are looking for.

We've also got a place where you can leave your comments, a Spanish Poll of the Day (which isn't actually updated on a daily basis), and a list of recommended books from Amazon.com to help you supplement your Spanish language learning. If you are looking for a more complete list of our learning recommendations, please see our Spanish Language Learning Shop.

Also, if you already know Spanish (or any other language for that matter) feel free to submit what you know using the forms found at the bottom of each page. Everything on this site was submitted by people just like you and we are always happy to see new information come in. All submissions are added to the site during future updates.

Speaking of updates, you can also find a link to our newsletter at the bottom of each page. If you choose to subscribe to updates, you will be informed anytime new content is added to the site. (These updates are language specific, but you are free to subscribe to as many languages as you'd like.)

So without further ado, please scroll down to see our full list of Spanish greetings and goodbyes.

View this list of Spanish greetings and goodbyes with translations from: Spanish to English or English to Spanish
(Words in bold added during the last update. Latest additions can also been seen on our LearnSpanishCLT twitter page.)

Various Greetings in Spanish:

Saludo - Greeting

Buenas - Hello (Informal)
Hola - Hi / Hello

Bienvenido - Welcome
Bienvenido a (place) - Welcome to (place)

Buenos dias - Good morning
Buenas tardes - Good afternoon
Buenas noches - Good evening

Qué hay (de nuevo)? - What's up?
Qué pasa? - How's it going?

Conversational Introductions in Spanish:

Déjame presentarme. Mi nombre es... - Let me introduce myself. My name is...

Le presento a... - I'd like you to meet...
Te quiero presentar a una amiga - I want to introduce you to a friend (female)
Te quiero presentar a un amigo - I want to introduce you to a friend (male)

Encantado (m) / Encantada (f) - Pleased to meet you
Es un gusto conocerte - Nice to meet you
Mucho gusto - It's nice to meet you
Mucho gusto en conocerle - I'm happy to meet you
El gusto es mío - It's nice to meet you too
Un placer - A pleasure

Saying Goodbye in Spanish:

Adiós - Bye
Despidido - Farewell

Nos vemos - See you
Hasta luego - See you later
Hasta ahora - See you in a minute
Hasta muy pronto - See you very soon
Hasta mañana - See you tomorrow
Hasta la vista - Until next time
Hasta la proximo - See you next time

Cuidate - Take care

Que tengas un buen dia - Have a nice day

Word not listed? Post your Spanish translation request or consult a professional Spanish translation service.
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With the economy where it's at, it can sometimes be hard to afford new learning materies. Luckily, learning doesn't always have to be expensive. These books are perfect for filling up your Spanish learning library on a small budget. Instead of buying just one expensive book or maybe even no books at all, here are a bunch of very cheap Spanish learning books so you can learn the most Spanish without having to spend a fortune.

These books also make for great gift ideas if you know someone who is trying to learn the Spanish language.

Requested Spanish Greetings and Goodbye Translations
Do you know how to speak Spanish? Perhaps you can send in some translations to help the visitors of this site. Below are a list of common words and phrases that people are looking to be translated from English to Spanish:

- Good afternoon everyone
- Good morning my queen
- Good night
- Good night my love
- Goodbye friend
- Happy to meet you
- Happy to see you
- Have a nice evening
- Have a nice week
- Hello, it's nice to meet you too
- Hey friend
- Hey, what's up?
     - Hi everyone how's it going?
- I am glad I met you
- I am happy to have met you
- I am happy to meet you
- It was nice to meet you
- Nice to meet you too
- Nice to see you
- See you at school
- See you soon
- Sweet dreams
- Welcome to Spain

If you have any Spanish translation requests, feel free to post them in the Spanish portion of our forum.
Know Spanish? Send in your translations here.

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