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Whether you plan to study French in France, take online French classes, or join a French language immersion program, our English to French dictionary is always being updated with new French words which makes an excellent supplement for those trying to learn to speak French.

English to French: Learn Insults and Bad Words in French
If you are looking for a place to build on your basic French vocabulary - especially when it comes to learning French insults and bad language, this is a great place to start. Learn how to say insults in French and bad French words today with our English to French insults dictionary!

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View this list of French insults and bad words with translations from: French to English or English to French
(Words in bold added during the last update. Latest additions can also been seen on our LearnFrenchCLT twitter page.)

As a child, was your cradle rocked too close to the wall? - On t'a bercé trop près du mur?

Burn in hell - Brûle en enfer

Darn - Zut

He is stupid - Il est stupide

Shut your mouth - Ferme la bouche
Sleep with / Have sex with - Se coucher avec

You are a potato with the face of a guinea pig - Vous êtes une pomme de terre avec le visage d'un cochon d'inde
You are a slut - Tu es un putain
You are as smart as the bottom of your feet - Tu es betes comme tes pieds
You are stupid - Vous êtes stupide
You have the body of a dog and the IQ of a five year old - Vous avez le corps d'un chien et le QI d'une durée de cinq ans
You have the brain of a cheese sandwich - Vous avez le cervau d'un sandwich au fromage
You smell like beef and cheese - Vous sentez comme le boeuf et le fromage
You're a complete moron - Tu es completement débile
You're an idiot - Tu es con
You've got a face that would blow off manhole covers! - T'as une tête a faire sauter les plaques d'egouts!

*** This is our PG-13 list of French Insults - Click here for French swear words and extreme insults. ***
(By clicking the above link, you agree that you are of legal age to read such material.)

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French Learning on a Budget
With the economy where it's at, it can sometimes be hard to afford new learning materies. Luckily, learning doesn't always have to be expensive. These books are perfect for filling up your French learning library on a small budget. Instead of buying just one expensive book or maybe even no books at all, here are a bunch of very cheap French learning books so you can learn the most French without having to spend a fortune.

These books also make for great gift ideas if you know someone who is trying to learn the French language.

Some Useful French Learning Materials

Merde!: The Real French You Were Never Taught at School

Want to impress the locals with your extensive knowledge of the French language? Then why not dazzle them with your superior knowledge of French vulgarities! Okay, so this book isn't only about French swear words, but it is still a great book filled with a lot of everyday French slang. A basic knowledge of French is needed when reading this book, since it doesn't go very indepth with its explainations, but for those of you with some French language experience, it can certainly be a fun way to expand your vocabulary beyond what your French 101 class is going to teach you.

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Merde Encore!: More of the Real French You Were Never Taught at School

Like the first book, this one also expects the reader to have at least a basic knowledge of French for complete understanding of the text. But for those of you that liked the first book, there should be enough in the second book to keep you interested. That said, both books are not the same. While the first dealt more with colloquial French, the encore version delves more into the idiomatic vocabulary and phrasing for "politically incorrect" stereotypes, though not always a true representation of the French psyche. Though the book does offer a rather nice illustrated section covering French gestures which I found quite useful.

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Cuss Cards, European Edition

What is more fun then playing cards? Playing cards while learning to swear of course! Basically, it's a set of playing cards that list the translations of several english swear words, insults and slang phrases into several European languages, French included (There's also German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and Swedish on each card). Though it's sort of a novelty item, the cards really do give some nice translations and work as both flashcards or playing cards. So have some fun with your friends, while you all learn some French swear words!

  (Don't forget to check out our Language Learning Shop for more great learning materials!)

Requested Insulting French Translations
Do you know how to speak French? Perhaps you can send in some translations to help the visitors of this site. Below are a list of insults and bad words that people are looking to be translated from English to French:

- All of you speaking a different language are such pricks
- Arse-hole
- Bite me
- Boobs
- Concubine
- Curse
- Damn
- Damn it
- Dick
- Dickhead
- Dumb
- Fat burger face
- Fat cow
- Fool
- Get lost
- Go away
- Go back to your country
- Go to hell
- I don't give a damn
- I hate you
- I hope you choke
- Idiot
- Jerk
- Kiss my arse
- Loser
- Noob
- Piss off
- Pissed
- Poopoo
     - Prick
- Punk
- Shut up
- Shut up smelly
- Skank
- Slut
- Smartass
- Stupid
- Stupid slut
- Suck up
- Turd
- Ugly
- What the hell are you?
- You are a coward
- You are an idiot
- You are crazy
- You are taking the piss
- You fat horrible cow git
- You have the IQ of a French teacher, which is very low
- You smell
- You smell like fish
- You smelly peasant
- You suck
- You're the biggest loser
- Your face blows off manhole covers
- Your face looks like the back of a bus
- Your mom is a slut
- Your hair is messed up

If you have any French translation requests, feel free to post them in the French portion of our forum.
Know French? Send in your translations here.