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Whether you are learning Korean in Korea, taking an online Korean class, or plan to enrol yourself in one of the many Korean language immersion schools, our English to Korean dictionary is always being updated with new Korean words which makes an excellent supplement for those trying to learn how to speak Korean.

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English to Korean: Learn Swear Words, Curse Words, Insults and Bad Language in Korean
If you are looking for a place to build on your basic Korean vocabulary - especially when it comes to learning Korean swear words, curse words and insults in Korean, this is a great place to start. Learn to curse, cuss and swear in Korean and say Korean insults and bad language today with our English to Korean insults dictionary!

View this list of Korean insults and swear words with translations from: Korean to English or English to Korean
(Words in bold added during the last update.

Bitch - Shibseki
Bullshit - Ji ral yhun byung / Hop'ung

Dick - Kochu
Dickhead - Jot deagari
Dumb - Babo (bah-boh)

Eat shit - Dong-mukuh / Dong-mogo

Fag - Ddorang
Fuck - Yumago
Fuck! - Nimiral
Fuck the fucking fuckers! - Geseki dul jokka rakuh hae
Fuck you - Shibal

Get the fuck out of my sight - Gguh juh
Go to hell - Toejora

I hate you - Miwohaeyo
I hate you - Nee gah shil uh

Motherfucker - Gaejasik

Shit! - Nimiral
Shut up - Shikoro
Silly bitch - Ap'un mee chin nyun
Son of a bitch - Geseki / Gesekida
Son of shit - Shibal-seki
Stupid - Babo (bah-boh)
Stupid whore - Um chang seki
Suck my dick - Ko-chu-pal-uh

Wanna die? - Di jillae?
Weak piece of shit - Jot bab
Whore - Shibseki

You have a big butt - Nonun kun un dung eet da

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Requested Korean Insults Translations
Do you know how to speak Korean? Perhaps you can send in some translations to help the visitors of this site. Below are a list of words and phrases that people are looking to be translated from English to Korean:

- Asshole
- Bad girl
- Bastard
- Cold heart
- Damn
- Do you want to die?
- Dumbass
- Faggot
- Fool
- Freak
- Fuck me
- Fucking
- Get naked
- Go suck a dick
- God Damn
- I hate you
- Idiot
- Jackass
     - Little bitch
- Mother fucker
- Penis
- Perverted
- Piss me off
- Retard
- Sex
- Son of a dick sucking bitch
- Ugly
- Up yours
- What the hell?
- You are a bitch
- You are a fuckin’ little Korean piece of shit
- You are a jerk
- You are retarded
- You are ugly
- You dumb fuck
- You suck

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