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Whether you are in need of a Vietnamese translation service, currently taking Vietnamese lessons online, or plan to enrol yourself in a school-based Vietnamese course, our Vietnamese to English dictionary can provide you with some supplemental learning opportunities.

Though we aren't always able to offer the personalization of a formal Vietnamese translation service, we do hope that you are still able to learn some new Vietnamese words and phrases while you are here.

And don't forget~ if you do happen to be in need of a specific translation for a word or phrase, you can always post a Vietnamese translation request in our forum!

Vietnamese Numbers and Counting
How to Count in Vietnamese from 1 to 20
This page is a great place to start if you are looking to learn the basic numbers in Vietnamese. The numbers included on this page currently range from 1 to 20, but as we receive more information, we hope to increase this number.

Included are columns for modern Native Vietnamese (Quốc Ngữ) written with Latin letters, former Native Vietnamese (Chữ Nôm) written with Chinese characters, standard English, and the basic Numerical form for each number.

The most common way to write numbers in Vietnam is listed down the first column titled 'Vietnamese *'. This column has Native Vietnamese numbers written with Quốc Ngữ. Quốc Ngữ is the modern form of Vietnamese writing which uses the Portuguese alphabet (consisting of Latin letters). This form of writing first came into use in Vietnam in the 1920s.

Before this time, it was common for Vietnamese numbers to be written in Chữ Nôm Vietnamese, which was based off Chinese characters. Numbers written in Chữ Nôm have been included in the second column and are sometimes seen in older Vietnamese texts.

Though Chữ Nôm scripted Vietnamese is all but obsolete in today's modern world, I thought it couldn't hurt to include a column for the former way of writing the Vietnamese numbers, just in case you happen to come across the older script in your language learning journey. It is also interesting from a historical point of view for those of you who are learning about the history of Vietnam and its various number systems.

The final two columns in the chart below have the standard English translation (One, Two, Three, etc.) and the basic Numerical symbol (1, 2, 3, etc.) that is used to represent each number.

View this list of Vietnamese numbers with translations from: Vietnamese to English or English to Vietnamese

(Words in bold added during the last update.)

Vietnamese * Chữ Nôm ** EnglishNumerical
Một 𠬠 One1
Hai 𠄩 Two2
Ba 𠀧 Three3
Bốn 𦊚 Four4
Năm 𠄼 Five5
Sáu 𦒹 Six6
Bảy 𦉱 Seven7
Tám 𠔭 Eight8
Chín 𠃩 Nine9
Mười 𨒒 Ten10
Mười một   Eleven11
Mười hai   Twelve12
Mười ba   Thirteen13
Mười bốn   Fourteen14
Mười năm   Fifteen15
Mười sáu   Sixteen16
Mười bảy   Seventeen17
Mười tám   Eighteen18
Mười chín   Nineteen19
Hai mười   Twenty20

* Modern Vietnamese, which uses the Portuguese alphabet, is based on Latin script and first came into use in the 1920s.
** Older texts may still show the Vietnamese numbers written in Chữ Nôm - a script that was formerly used to write Vietnamese.

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Requested Vietnamese Number Translations
Do you know how to speak Vietnamese? Perhaps you can send in some translations to help the visitors of this site. Below are a list of words and phrases that people are looking to be translated from English to Vietnamese:

21 - 100 / Twenty one - One hundred
1000 / One Thousand

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