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Whether you are enrolled in one of the many online Japanese classes, studying abroad in Japan, or just looking for Japanese translation services, our Japanese to English dictionary is always being updated with new Japanese words which makes an excellent supplement for those learning how to speak Japanese.

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Learn Japanese Color Words
If you are looking for a place to build on your basic Japanese vocabulary - especially when it comes to learning the Japanese colors, then you've come to the right place! Below is a list of several colors and their Japanese translations for you to look through. Now everyone can learn the Japanese words for colors and start saying their colors in Japanese too with our Japanese to English colors dictionary!

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View this list of Japanese colors with translations from: Japanese to English or English to Japanese
(Words in bold added during the last update. Latest additions can also been seen on our LearnJapaneseCL twitter page.)

Colors in Japanese:

Aoi - Blue
Akai - Red

Chairo - Brown

Daidaiiro - Orange

Haiiro - Grey

Kiiro - Yellow
Kimidori - Light green
Kuroi - Black

Midori - Green
Mizuiro - Light Blue
Momoiro - Pink
Murasaki - Purple

Shiroi - White

Color Related Words in Japanese:

Iro - Colors

Color Related Phrases in Japanese:

Sakana wa akai desu - The fish is red
Sukina iro wa nan desu ka - What is your favorite color?
(Unmei no) akai ito - Red threat (of fate)

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