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35 French Swear Words and Extreme Insults

If you want to learn the swear words and extreme insults that your formal French teacher is never going to teach you, then this is the page for you.

Below is a mixture of 35 swear words and extreme insults in French, all translated from French to English. Please note - some of these are really bad, so if you'd prefer to just read our list of PG-13 insults, click here and save your eyes.

French Swear Words:

You can also view this list of swear words with translations from: English to French. Words in bold added during the last update.

Amène ta mère pourque je te refasse. ➔ Bring your mother so I can stuff you back up her.

Âne ➔ Ass (in the donkey sense)

Casse-toi. ➔ Fuck off.

Connard ➔ Asshole

Connasse ➔ Cunt

Fiche moi le paix. ➔ Get the fuck away from me.

Fils de pute ➔ Son of a bitch

Fous le camps. ➔ Fuck off.

Fous le camps et morte. ➔ Fuck off and die.

Je t'emmerde. ➔ Fuck you.

Mange de la merde. ➔ Eat shit.

Mange de la merde (et meurs, pute!) ➔ Eat shit (and die, whore!)

Tu doit (il faut) retourner à la pute qui t'a accouchée. ➔ Go back to the whore who gave birth to you. (This is to insult a girl, to insult a guy, use accouché instead)

Mange merde et morte. ➔ Eat shit and die.

Merde ➔ Shit

Morceau de merde ➔ Piece of shit

Nique ta mère espèce de gros bâtard de merde. ➔ Fuck your mom you shitty bastard.

Nique ta mère la chauve. ➔ Fuck your bald mother.

Putain ➔ Whore

Putain de merde. ➔ Fuck off. (Lit. Whore of shit)

Sais-tu combien de temps ta mère prend pour chier? Neuf mois! ➔ Do you know how much time your mother needs to take a shit? Nine months!

Salope ➔ Bitch

Ta mère elle suce des ours ➔ Your mother sucks bears

Ta mère est une pute. ➔ Your mother is a whore.

Ta mère la pute, ton père le client et toi l'accident. ➔ Your mother the bitch, your father the customer and you the accident.

Ta mère suce des ours dans la foret. ➔ Your mother sucks bears in the forest.

Ta mère suce le penis d'animaux pour l'argent. ➔ Your mother sucks animal cock for money.

Trou du cul ➔ Asshole

Une salope ➔ A bitch

Va te faire enculer. ➔ Fuck off.

Va te faire foutre. ➔ Go fuck yourself.

Va te faire foutre, enculé. ➔ Fuck you, bastard.

Va te faire mettre. ➔ Go fuck yourself.

Va te faire dans le cul, connard. ➔ Fuck yourself in the ass, shitstain.

Vouz avez plein de merde. ➔ You are full of shit.

*List of French swear words last updated: April 4, 2018.

English to French Comprehension:

Can you answer these questions about French swear words or extreme insults? Give it a try and then scroll back up to see how you did!

1. How do you say bitch in French?
2. How do you say fuck you in French?
3. What is eat shit in French?
4. How do you say cunt in French?
5. How do you say asshole in French?
6. What is the translation for eat shit and die in French?
7. What is son of a bitch in French?
8. How do you say whore in French?

French to English Comprehension:

Want to test your knowledge when starting with the French words? Give these ones a try!

1. What does salope mean in English?
2. What does connard mean in English?
3. What is the English meaning of the French swear word putain?
4. What is the English meaning of the French swear word merde?
5. What does casse-toi mean in English?

The Fine Print

I don't speak French myself, so there could be mistakes in the translations. Most of what is here is user-submitted, but I do try to check for accuracy and make corrections as I can. Thanks for your understanding.

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