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Past Spanish Web Polls

Looking for the results of our previous Spanish web polls? Then you've come to the right place. Below you will find the results from our previous polls, including the various write-ins and comments that were left on the poll.

Previous questions have included, "What do you think about your Spanish language schooling experience?".

Spanish Language Schooling Experience:

What do you think about your Spanish language schooling experience?

They are (were) great! I've learned a lot from my Spanish teacher. 25% (1156 votes)
It is (was) okay, but I wish I could learn more. 19% (902 votes)
It is (was) a joke. After so many classes, I still can't speak Spanish. 21% (986 votes)
I couldn't care less, but I have (had) no choice. I am (was) forced to take Spanish at my school. 11% (534 votes)
I haven't taken any formal Spanish lessons. 9% (421 votes)
I didn't need to attend Spanish classes, because Spanish is my first language. 3% (153 votes)

Other Submitted Answers and Comments:

I love spanish my teacher is really good at it.
I was forced too but on the other hand I learned a lot.
I couldn't care less, but I have no choice. I am forced to take Spanish at my school.
I want to learn more about Spanish :)
Whatever. I could care less.
People that are Spanish should not have to learn their language.
Spanish is a very interesting language and useful.
I wanna know Spanish more and more!
Awesome lessons.... they gonna help me ... :)
First I learned the basics from the Internet then I learned it from a private tutor for six months.
I love Spanish and I wish to learn it.
I love my Spanish class! It's my favorite!
It was pretty helpful.
I like Spanish.
My teacher was a bitch from hell.
I love it.
I want to learn more Spanish.
They are amazing and fun to learn with.
I wish I could have a chance to go to Spain and learn by myself there. Now I learn Spanish by myself from books and the Internet. This language is the most beautiful in the world.
I want to learn more, a lot more.
Spanish sucks.
In our home we spoke both languages, English and Spanish. My Grandma, Aunts, Uncles, all Elders were born in the USA & spoke perfect English, but they also spoke to us children, grandchildren in Spanish so we would retain our Spanish heritage, the Spanish language. My white Father even learned to speak Spanish by being around my Mother's Mother, Sisters & Brothers. He loved to speak Spanish.
They were kewl.
It was great.
Stupid and lame, could just go to a library.
Fantastic teachers! Will graduate as a Spanish teacher this May!!!!!!
I love Spanish.

Can't get a job without Spanish.
My teacher sucks.
It is okay but I doodle in my note book and sleep.
I love Spanish it's great.
I love learning Spanish.
It was awesome.
Very good!!!
I knew Spanish so it was boring.
It's alright :)
Too difficult.
I stayed in Spanish and got up to level 6. If you didn't learn, you didn't apply yourself.
I liked the teaching they guide through my conversation with my Spaniard friends.
It was great.
It was great! I wish I could of learned more.
I just hate Spanish and the teacher makes me hate it soooooooo muchhhhhhhhhh.
Love it.
I want to learn more Espanol.
Would like to learn Spanish it's so beautiful.
You barely learn.
It's great now I can cuss my friends out without them knowing what I'm saying.
I am really interested to use Spanish in my daily life because when I go to the store I can understand the language and silently say something and them not think it's me because im white.
I learned Spanish from Violetta 3 2 1 and this.
Love it!
Wish I could learn for my daughters.
I want to learn Spanish.
Everyone had to take Spanish in my highschool, not that we learned anything. I couldn't even have a simple conversation, and that's with four years. Useless school system. I can only imagine what else I might have learned if I didn't have to waste all that time in Spanish class.
I'm teaching myself the Spanish language.
It's amazing my teacher doesn't just give us stuff to remember but she has actions for words and I learn that way more.
I've taken 2 and a half classes of Spanish, and I still don't know that much. I think it's my teacher. She's Crazy.
I could still learn more about Spanish. However, my teacher makes it very easy and fun to learn. -Felicia, from Minnesota.
I wish that as a freshman in public school I could learn Spanish at an accelerated pace, instead of sitting in class with these burros.
I've learned a lot from various jobs and neighbors since I live in California, a beautiful language!

My school wouldn't allow me to.
It is pretty nice to learn the Spanish language. I wish I could be living with people from that area to enhance my speed of learning. I really do enjoy it. Muchas gracias.
My highschool teacher was a jackass who couldn't speak Spanish himself.
I hate Spanish.
They made me fun of me.
Well, put it this way, this is the most help I've gotten yet xD My Spanish teacher is, like, literally insane. I'm surprised they let her in the building. Like, she's scared of leprechauns and ducks and is supposed to help me pass the 10th grade. Seriously? Lol I love her to death, though xD
I am Spanish so why would I take a class and I can speak 5 different languages.
Half Latina & still learning a lot. I enjoy the Spanish language and culture VERY MUCH, jajaja (:
Im mixed with Puerto Rican and Black and my mother speaks fluent Spanish but I never learned it because my dad can't speak it so I've been taking Spanish for 3 years now and I can only say a few sentences :( which is very upsetting. I hope I can find some other way to learn because at this rate I am not getting anywhere in my spanish learning at school.
Not bad.
Spanish is my second language (:
I stopped learning Spanish at school to focus on French after only a year of lessons, and I've forgotten everything I learned anyway. I wish I'd carried on.
I learned Spanish.
My whole class failed ;)
Love it :)
I don't do any languages at school.
My Spanish teacher was TERRIBLE. I taught myself the language to try to get the grades I needed and STILL didn't do well. I really love studying language but because my experience was so bad I really can't risk taking the class and would rather just teach myself... again.
Oh My God! My teacher was a complete joke! I hated this class.
Lol, some friends in elementary school were my only hope ;)
I want to learn more Spanish.
It was cool during the lesson.
This taught me Spanish. I even put some of these words on my Xbox biography.
I wish I made more use of my high school Spanish classes.
Very good
I Love the Spanish language, Romance language. I am White, by my Father, Hispanic & Native American on my Maternal Grandmother's side. I took Spanish all of my high school years, 8 semesters, plus 8 semesters at my junior college. I Love to speak, write, read, watch Spanish TV ,NEWS, stories/novelas. I loved studying Spanish, it was hard to learn the correct language. There are 7 tenses of verbs in Spanish. My Spanish Professors were FUN & we had outings to Mexico & they made it interesting. I write songs & poetry in Spanish, I have a double degree in Communications, I majored in English & Spanish. Love my 2nd language!
It's helped me to improve my language skills.
We have a white teacher teaching us the "proper bs". I'm full Puerto Rican. I live by the ghetto slang!
I didn't take Spanish.
I love Spanish n would love to learn more ......awesome.
Haven't decided yet if it's useful for my issue.
I liked it XD
Who needs Spanish classes when I have this web site.
Gurrrrrl pleaseeee.
We learn everything by the book while my teacher just sits there. I really want to learn Spanish, but I'm better off trying to learn from my friends than in that class.
I never took it because all the stupid Mexicans should learn English.
I'm already Spanish so it was useless.
They need to focus on teaching us instead of making us do tests cause then it makes us feel more pressured and less confident to try to learn Spanish.
No. I never took any.
It's good to insult my enemies.
Not taking Spanish yet.
I learned English at home and Spanish on the streets of California then universidades. I taught it for years in public school without text. Listen and speak, participate. The only way! GOOD JOB WITH THE LIST.
I love Spanish and I want to learn more. Actually, Spanish is not my mother language. I am Indonesian, I speak Bahasa Indonesia. But I think Spanish is almost same with Bahasa Indonesia. I can't speak 'R' letter.
Didnt have spanish lessons.
I luv Spanish and it's hard to learn another language.
Boring, I knew Spanish before taking the class.
Great I've contacted ma Spanish boyfriend.
I'm learning spanish on my own time, and insults are obviously priority number 1.
Well I do want to learn Spanish because it's supposedly my first language but no one in my house cared to teach me... so :/ I wanna learn it.
Very colorful and educational. I love it!
I learned how to read and write it well, pero no hablar bien.
I <3 Spanish.
Kill me omg.
It helps to have supplemental material.
Too Mexican.
I learned spanish on my own. Got help from a Mexican family member.
Depends on the day ;) lol
Didn't take Spanish yet.
I've just begun learning.
I am currently using Rosetta Stone and I love it. Would be nice to have people to practice with in person.
Needed it for payback.
Our teacher taught us very little and we do not know the basics of Spanish, it was terrible and a disgrace.
Funny I loved it.

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