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Rosetta Stone Spanish (Latin America) Level 1,2 & 3 Set

Rosetta Stone Spanish (Latin America) Level 1, 2 & 3 Set

This complete set offers Beginner through Advanced instruction. Spanish Levels 1 & 2 provide up to 550 hours of mastery instruction in Listening Comprehension, Reading, Speaking and Writing. Systematic structure teaches vocabulary and grammar naturally, without lists and drills. Previews, exercises and tests accompany every lesson with automated tutorials throughout the program. Level 3 prepares the user to communicate at school, in the workplace and in other real-life situations through picture lessons, live-action video, audio and narrative lessons. Some of the covered topics include Greetings and Conversation; People and Talking; Travel, Transportation and Transactions; Directions; Food, Eating and Drinking; Family Relationships; Telling Time; Numbers to One Hundred; Clothing and Dress; Vehicles, Furniture and Instruments; Shopping and Dining Out; Common Social Conventions; Calendar Conventions; Life-skill areas: Transportation, Housing, Shopping, and Employment; A Complete Reference Section of Commonly Used Terms. Spanish Level 1, 2, & 3 Set, Personal Edition set comes complete with illustrated User's Guides and Curriculum Text books.

Complete Spanish Learning Suite

Complete Spanish Learning Suite

The Complete Spanish learning suite contains every Spanish language-learning application you'll need to help you improve your Spanish language skills! Ideal for school, business, travel, or simple personal growth, the Complete Spanish Learning Suite offers you the most comprehensive way to learn Spanish. From top-rated software to an audio course, Complete Spanish gives you access to a broad variety of fun, effective Spanish learning solutions that will develop all your Spanish skills.

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