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Music Production Schools in Spain

The first thing you'll want to consider when choosing a music production school in Spain is whether you know enough about the area of study and resulting profession to jump right in to the life of a student at a music school in Spain. Remember, it's a large commitment, but a rewarding one if it's right for you. That's why it's important to look into the finer points of the courses and career itself and make sure it's one that you can really see yourself in down the line.

Once you've decided getting an education in music production is definitely the thing for you, you'll need to consider other things as well. First up when choosing a music production school in Spain will be learning which are the colleges that have music production as part of their offerings. Here's a few colleges (two in Valencia and one in Barcelona) that have music production courses as part of their selection to give you some ideas of where to start looking:

Berklee College of Music, Valencia Spain Campus (Graduate programs include: Master of Music in Music Production, Technology, and Innovation – runs from September to July. Undergraduate programs include: Recording and Mixing Skills for Music Production). You can visit their website, here, for more information about their music production graduate program or here for information about their various undergraduate music programs - they've got plenty to choose from.

Valencia College (Associate in Science: Sound and Music Technology - offers a specialization in Music Production). Here is a link to their website, where you can find more information about their associate degree specializing in music production.

SAE Institute Barcelona (Electronic Music Producer Programs and Certificates - full time and part time courses offered). You can visit their website, here, if you are interested in learning more about their music production courses, though the site at the moment seems to be only offered in Spanish.

Keep in mind that another consideration you'll want to make before deciding on music production school in Spain will be the language spoken. If you speak both Spanish and English, then you will have more choices than if you only speak English, because the language barrier can make it incredibly difficult to study abroad if you find yourself in a non-English speaking campus. If you feel a language barrier might be a cause for struggle, be sure to always verify which language will be primarily spoken at any music production schools you are considering.

Another thing worth considering is if you'll be looking to major or minor in music production while at school. If you plan on majoring in music production, then you'll obviously have to look not only for schools that offer music production, but also for schools that offer music production majors. If on the other hand, you are just looking to minor in music production, then keep an eye out for colleges offering a minor in music production in their course catalogue.

Of course a certain amount of considerations should also be given to each college's industry connections. Knowing the right people can take you a long way in the music production business, so you can often get a leg up on your competing students by entering a college with solid connections in the music production industry. Many good music production schools with such connections will make note of this on their website, so be sure to make a note of such information as you narrow down the best music production school for you.

When considering industry connections, look for colleges that have connections with:

- popular bands or musicians
- top music production companies

If you have your heart set on being employed by a certain music production company following your schooling, then try to get into a music production school with the appropriate connection, should one be available. Such connections don't always pan out in the end, but you'll be one step closer to realizing your dream if you take the necessary steps when choosing your preferred music production school.

Finally, you'll want to consider the cost of studying abroad. Different institutions will charge different prices for their music production courses, so it can be important to shop around if money will be a deciding factor for you. If you are already a student at a music school in your home country, inquire about any study abroad programs they might offer. Such programs, when available, often cost about the same as a semester at home. If it seems like money could be a barrier between you and your top choice, you can always try for a scholarship or wait a semester or two while you save up the necessary funds.

As you can see, there are plenty of things to consider before attending a music production school in Spain. Hopefully this list has given you a few ideas so you can have a more smooth transition once you arrive. If we think of anything else that may be worth considering, we'll be sure to add it to the page at a later date.

The Fine Print

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