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D'Onofrio, Vincent
Fox, Jorja
Garofalo, Janeane
Gross, Paul
Hunnam, Charlie
Kaufman, Adam
Landau, Juliet
LaPaglia, Jonathan
Lee, Amy
Welling, Tom
Wilder, Gene

Adam Kaufman
Adam Kaufman
Adam Kaufman
Adam Kaufman
Adam Kaufman
Adam Kaufman
Adam Kaufman - Taken
Adam Kaufman - Cupid
Adam Kaufman - Loving Leah

General Information
Education: Studied drama at Lynchburg College, the Circle in The Square theatre school, and at the Eugene O'Neill Center's National Theater Institute.

Has a son, Jackson Phillip Deveraux Montgomery Kaufman (Dec. 23rd, 2007) with Poppy Montgomery, whom he met on the set of Between (2005).

Agent (May be outdated information - as of 2005):
Endeavor Talent Agency
Phone: (310)248-2000
Fax: (310)248-2020
Address: 9601 Wilshire Blvd. 3rd Floor, Beverly Hills, CA, 90212, USA


My Thoughts
Okay, I confess, I've only ever seen Adam Kaufman in a few things. Buffy the Vampire Slayer mainly, but also on his guest appearences on "C.S.I. Miami" and Monk. I fell in love with him since I first saw him on the television. Of course that was a while back while watching Buffy, where he played the total prick Parker Abrams, but look at his face, so innocent, so flawless, how could I not fall for the man? Well, anyways, I had forgotten about him, not completely of course, but he was no longer at the forefront of my mind until I recently bought the fourth season of Buffy on DVD, and saw him in all his evil glory. Once again, I haven't been able to get him out of my mind, so I decided to devote a page here for the great actor.

As a bit of an update, I have been able to see some of his work in the mini series, "Taken", and was quite impressed by it as well. Still hoping to see him in the rest of his episodes though. I also was able to see his appearance in the series and "Law & Order: SVU ". Still waiting to see more of him :D


Movie, TV Show, etc. Character & Episode Info Amazon.com Links
Final Sale
Ben Martin  
Perfectly Prudence
Michael Merchant  
Navy NCIS:
Naval Criminal Investigative Service

Homicide Detective Philip McCadden
in 2 episodes:
--"Mother's Day"
(episode 7.16)

--"Guilty Pleasure"
(episode 7.19)

Lying to Be Perfect
Melrose Place

Toby in 2 episodes:
(episode 1.1)

(episode 1.2)

Without a Trace
(2007 - 2009)

Brian Donovan in 13 episodes:
--"At Rest"
(episode 5.19)

(episode 6.8)

--"A Bend in the Road"
(episode 6.14)

--"A Dollar and a Dream"
(episode 6.16)

(episode 6.17)

(episode 7.11)

--"Believe Me"
(episode 7.12)

--"Voir Dire"
(episode 7.17)

(episode 7.18)

(episode 7.19)

(episode 7.21)

(episode 7.23)

(episode 7.24)

Tommy Brown in episode:
--"The Tommy Brown Affair"
(episode 1.4)
Loving Leah
Jake Lever

Brother Ted in episode:
--"Mr. Monk Joins a Cult"
(episode 6.11)

CSI: New York
Elliott Gano in episode:
--"You Only Die Once"
(episode 4.3)

Mad Men
Bob Shaw in episode:
--"Indian Summer"
(episode 1.11)


Law & Order
(1997 / 2006)

Douglas Burke in episode:
--"Past Imperfect"
(episode 7.22)

Attorney Swain in episode:
(episode 17.8)

Hello Sister, Goodbye Life
Joe (Olivia's Boyfriend)  
Jared Vogel in episode:
--"Delta Does Detroit"
(episode 1.9)
James Roberts

Come Away With Me
Veronica Mars
Andre in episode:
--"The Girl Next Door"
(episode 1.7)

Beck And Call
C.S.I.: Miami
Ted in episode:
--"Spring Break"
(episode 1.21)

Charlie Keys (adult) in 5 episodes:
--"Charlie and Lisa"
(episode 1.6)

--"God's Equation"
(episode 1.7)

--"Dropping the Dishes"
(episode 1.8)

(episode 1.9)

(episode 1.10)

Dead Last
Dom in episode:
--"To Serve, With Love"
(episode 1.6)
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Michael Goren in episode:
--"Wrong Is Right"
(episode 2.1)

Dawson's Creek
(1999 - 2000)
Ethan in 5 episodes:
--"True Love"
(episode 3.23)

--"The Anti-Prom"
(episode 3.22)

(episode 3.18)

--"Barefoot at Capefest"
(episode 3.11)

--"First Encounters of the Close Kind"
(episode 3.10)

The Only Living Boy in New York
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Parker Abrams in 5 episodes:
--"The Initiative"
(episode 4.7)

--"Beer Bad"
(episode 4.5)

--"Fear, Itself"
(episode 4.4)

--"The Harsh Light of Day"
(episode 4.3)

--"Living Conditions"
(episode 4.2)

Jamie Harper  


Past Polls
I would like to see Adam Kaufman do...
Romance (37%)
Anything (24%)
Drama (9%)
Comedy (6%)
Action (6%)
Soaps (6%)
Sci-Fi (5%)
Horror (4%)
Suspence (2%)
Other (2%)
-I can't believe there are so few news about Adam Kaufman on the net! Hasn't he got a press agent or something who takes care of his career? Put his picture on IMDB at least... (Webmasters Note: At least they've finally got his picture up there!)
-I've heard that like Madonna and many other celebs, Adam is studying Kabbalah.
-I just can't find another man as cute and handsome as him in this world.
-Hey Adam, I love you!
-Hey Adam. Get yourself a freakin' website!
-Hey Adam, I love your eyes.
-Okay Adam, kiss me.
-I love Adam Kaufman, my true love!
-I loooooove his eyes and lips, so I would like to see him looking at his girl and kissing her, and imagine I'm her :P
-Me :-)
-Hey Adam
-I love you Adam... even though you don't know I exist I love you and pray that you'll be the one for me every single day.
-He is really sexy!!!
-I think Adam should try and improve his acting skills. I've recently seen his newer films and his performances are pretty poor. As a fan, I'm so disappointed.
-Please Adam, learn to act again... I've seen your latest movies and you simply suck. But you look even more cute and sexy.
-Adam, I'm your Number 1 fan
-Heya Adam, you're the best. I love you
-I'd love to get to know him on a personal level
-Love you Adam... you're an amazing actor!
-You are simply amazing. You're a very versatile actor. Your acting skill is simply amazing!
-Heya Adam. Miss you. How is Florida? Come back to LA, we miss you baby! LOL
-Y'all are funny. I bet if Adam read any of this, he'd not only blush like crazy... but he'd totally appreciate it, but feel undeserving. He's just about the nicest humblest guy I know. I still can't get over all these websites dedicated to him. There I was calling him to find out if he was gonna be on some episode of a TV show (E Ring) tonight... I had never heard of it, so I wanted to clarify. I almost left him an obnoxious message along the lines of "Hey super star... take some time out of your Hollywood life and return this call, ok?" .... I would have been only joking around.... but the fact is he is getting famous. People know who he is now, that totally freaks me out. But it also makes me really happy for him. No one deserves this more than Adam. He was an awesome kid, a cool guy, and now he's an amazing man.
-Heya sexy!
-I can't believe how humble he is! He pretty much does anything any normal guy would do! Wow Adam, you're amazing!
-Adam, I miss you so much. I will always be your fan forever.
-Adam, what's your next project?
-Hey baby, Merry Christmas.
-Happy New Year Adam
-Adam, I haven't seen you in a while. Why?
-Love you Adam... Are you dead? LOL
-Amo a Adam Kaufman, es el mejor actor que he visto, él debería (Webmaster's Note: Not sure, sorry) de trabajar junto a Mike Vogel

-Adam, you love Brokeback Mountain, right?
-I love him
-Thank you Adam for the presents on my birthday
-Just saw the movie "Loving Leah" and just fell in love with Adam Kaufman. Had to know all about him. Can't get enough of his gorgeous face and eyes. Looking forward to seeing more of him and his acting.
-Loved "Loving Leah"

It's gift giving time. You get Adam Kaufman...
Books (43%)
Clothing (29%)
DVDs (14%)
Artwork (14%)
-He's the sexiest man I've put my eyes on in ages!
-Get him a book, and sit beside him reading it together... :-)
-I'll get him one of the books he discussed with Allie in "Taken"... and hope he'll read it aloud for me :-)
-I am his biggest fan in India.
-Adam and Aishwarya Rai will make a cute pair.
-I have the biggest crush on this cute, perfect guy!
-I've heard that adam is in to Kabbalah lately.

Which character was your favorite?
Charlie Keys - Taken (67%)
Parker Abrams - BtVS (17%)
Ethan - Dawson's Creek (17%)

What attracted you to the actor?
Appearance (31%)
Acting Skills (31%)
Specific Character (31%)
Other (8%)
-He is totally hot!
-He has great eyes.
-Well, he's sure flawless... in every single way.

What is his best feature?
Eyes (47%)
All (24%)
Other (18%)
Hair (6%)
Lips (6%)

Adam Kaufman seems like he'd be a good...
Boyfriend (67%)
Father (22%)
Other (11%)

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